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Storytelling for Change 1

Storytelling for a change

Storytelling is a tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including conveying company values, sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration between teams and creating experiences. How to use storytelling in your hotel

Scenario: Each hotel will host two formations:

  • Training 1: Storytelling / Hotel Culture; (8 hours)
  • Training 2: Storytelling / User Experience; (8 hours)

Training 1 (Storytelling / Hotel Culture) is for all teams, while Training 2 (Storytelling / User Experience) is more focused on the hotel's communication and management team.

Training 1 - Storytelling / Hotel Culture

Much of a company's intellectual capital is not written, but in the brains of its employees. Communication of this know-how typically occurs informally through stories. In order to convey the hotel values ​​and foster knowledge exchange between teams, it is proposed to build a story bank. This story bank could also be used by the hotel communication team in their communication strategy.


  • The importance of stories
  • Elements of a story (theme, characters, narrative world, and narrative structure)
  • Building a story bank

Storytelling for Change 2

Training 2 - Storytelling / User Experience

Over 93% of guests of Hotel Magic Castle Los Angeles rated it excellent or very good on TripAdvisor. Looking at the photos of this hotel, no one would say it is one of the best hotels in town. What sets it apart is undoubtedly the experiences it provides to its guests.

This training aims to incorporate storytelling into the user experience, thus creating moments / experiences that can be shared online and will be remembered by guests.


  • Walkthrough through the hotel, simulating the typical course of a guest (eg reception, bedroom, dining room, outdoor space)
  • Transmedia storytelling
  • Elements of a story (theme, characters, narrative world, and narrative structure)
  • Walkthrough discussion and possible implementations
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