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Consultant Network

Consultant Network

Office Hours

We offer bimonthly consulting in the areas of:

  • Digital Marketing (4 hours)
  • Revenue Management (4 hours)


Dates and times to be indicated in the month prior to the event.
(Available from December 2019)
Venue: In the Meeting Room at ARHCESMO Headquarters
Intended: To Associates

Rede de Consultores

When a member hotel is registered, an confidentiality between the hotel and the t-hotel.

How it works:

1- Definition of the date, time and place to be held

2- Member enrolls with ARHCESMO, filling in the quiz.

3- Data is passed to t-hotel for preparation and eventual request for clarification before the office hours session. The member will be informed of what can be resolved in the session and what aspects are not.

4- On the appointed day, the t-hotel consultant and the associate meet for a working session to clarify and assist the associate with the situation.

T-hotel reserves the right not to accept the proposed office hours if the clarifications are outside the areas concerned or if the complexity of the proposal is not feasible.

  • Each member can only enroll once per semester.
  • The 4 hours are total divided by the number of members registered, being each session lasting a maximum of 1h.
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