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Tourism International Academy will be born in Estoril

Tourism International Academy

Tourism International Academy (T.I.A.), the most ambitious tourism training project, will be born in Estoril with the requalification of the Campus of the Portuguese Tourism School and the Estoril Higher School of Hospitality and Tourism.

In addition to an WTO Training Center, whose protocol was signed today by the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, and the two operating schools (Portugal Tourism School and ESHTE), T.I.A. The Macau Tourism Training Institute (IFT), an application hotel and a residence with capacity for 150 students, will also be part of a business incubation area, which was also launched today.

The project represents an investment of 24 M € - 40% of which is taken by private companies - for a total of 21,000 m2 dedicated to tourism training in Portugal, covering all areas of training, from vocational technical education to executive programs. .

The project includes the renovation of the current school building with equipment and facilities that meet the new training needs, with 7,000 m2, where will be installed the Tourism School of Portugal-Estoril and other international schools, such as IFT Macau. The restoration of a currently vacant 1,500 m2 building for coworking spaces is also planned.

A new 5,000 m2, 150-room application hotel will be built on the new campus and, through the rehabilitation of a currently vacant 2,500 m2 building, an 80-room student residence. These two buildings will be the subject of a public concession for private ones. A 2,500 m2 building will also be built to set up the Tourism Excellence Center managed by ESHTE and another 2,500 m2 building for independent ESHTE installations.

The project also involves the involvement of several public and private entities, including the NOVA University of Lisbon; CITUR; Estoril Higher School of Tourism and Tourism of Portugal, as well as private groups such as the Pestana Group, PortoBay, Vila Galé, Hoti, Martinhal, Vip, among others, in a consortium that aims not only to meet the needs of the sector. , such as including the Tourism component in Science and Humanities.

In addition to the internationalization of the campus and schools present, T.I.A. joins the International Tourism School within the World Tourism Organization (WTO) Academy, in a project that should be completed by 2023, when the number of students will double to 5,000.

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