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Os casos mais comuns de uso IA

The most common AI use cases in HR and recruitment

Gartner has identified the three most common cases of artificial intelligence use in the business context of recruitment and human resources.

In Gartner's latest research on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in companies, it is found that more and more corporate recruitment and human resources leaders are using AI applications to increase efficiency and improve employee experience.

The three main uses of AI in this context are, according to Gartner, talent acquisition, VoE analytics and virtual human resources assistants.

Helen Poitevin, vice president of Gartner's research department, says that "our latest survey found that 23% of organizations already using AI were doing so in HR and recruitment."

The use of technology for talent acquisition is usually viewed negatively by the media, focusing on the possible discrimination it may cause and the fact that there is no 'human hand' to control this issue.

Helen Poitevin argues that this is not a problem, as AI is used in a context of complementarity to the traditional functions of a recruiter, and prejudice is taken into account in the process.

Employee Voice Analysis (VoE analytics) is the second most popular area for AI use. Poitevin gives the example of “analyzing employee comments shared in questionnaires” that may allow “an organization to find out that a group of workers are unhappy with their uniform, something that can be solved directly and save the company unnecessary friction”.

HR leaders are also interested in detecting, analyzing and reporting employee feelings and attitudes in other communication channels, such as social networks.

Virtual assistants, the third most common use of AI in the context of HR and recruitment, are in the early stages of adoption. In today's organizations, their use is usually restricted to contact center or help desk chatbots, and companies recognize its efficiency.

Source: TecnoHotel

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