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Technology, personalization and energy efficiency: new requirements of the host

noticia tecnologia personalizacao eficiencia

"Robotbas introduced its new application, Room Control, which allows hotel guests to interact with their room directly from their iOS or Android device."

The high consumer demand forces hotels to adapt and respond to the new needs of guests. Providing adequate service is no longer enough. For users to choose their hotel, it is necessary to go further and think about which services can differ from the competition.

We live in a society where technology is fully established in our day-to-day life: we cannot live without the smartphone (with an internet connection, of course) and our homes are increasingly robotic. Users want to control their environment in an easy and intuitive way, and to be able to do it from the screen of their device.

To meet these needs, Robotbas introduced its new application, Room Control, which allows hotel guests to interact with your room directly from your iOS or Android device. This novelty aims to allow customers to control the room lighting according to their needs: turn on and off as well as set the intensity and color of the lights. In addition, it offers the possibility to modify the temperature or the intensity of the air conditioning.

It is not just a matter of facilitating user control, but of creating new experiences. Personalization and technology combine to provide guests with services that go beyond their expectations.

To all this, we must add that we live in a society increasingly concerned about the environment. The interest of hotel chains for energy efficiency is a trend, and nowadays they prefer to invest in the remodeling of their facilities, instead of allocating resources to the new construction.

In the last three years, investment in hotel reforms has exceeded 3,100 million euros, so that currently 17% of hotels in Spain are new or have been renovated.

These renovations are designed to respond to new customer requirements, especially in terms of technology, a sector that is constantly evolving, rather than maintenance of buildings by mere deterioration. Adding the comfort of the Room Control application, which allows guests to have more control over the features they generate, and Robotbas environment control automation systems, the hotel's resource consumption can be reduced by up to 30%. In addition, guests will find in the application a multitude of options that will make your stay more comfortable and fun. 

TecnoHotel | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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