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RMS, key tool for any type of hotel

noticia rms

Surely, you've heard of RMS, but do you really know what it is? Do not panic! The acronym RMS stands for Revenue Management System, a vital tool for the day to day revenue manager or the sales manager.

Currently we have a bad habit, focus any revenue management strategies or management software just for hotels, but I must say that any independent small hotel, apartments, hostel or hostel may also benefit from using revenue management software. Yes, anyone!

In fact, RMS has already become a vital tool. When I say vital I mean relevant and essential. Daily revenue operations consist of extracting data and more data, analyzing and comparing them with the budget. Attention not only the details of your accommodation, but also the market data and all kinds of events that can affect sales. After all this tangle of information we should export them to Excel and then analyze them with care. Sounds fantastic, right?

In fact, it is tedious, annoying and sometimes even mad. In many cases, we miss the formulas have to start over. A nightmare! And that's just the beginning, because the most important thing is missing.

RMS is here to help us

After all this work, fed up with data and more data, touches the decision making. Is ready?

Get to work! Take advantage of technology and forget the excuses and fear of the unknown. RMS is here to help us and make our daily work easier. In addition, they are becoming faster and more efficient, and are adapted for the management of any type of accommodation.

The key to all recipes, software that allows us to have a single image the latest visual and practical information. In addition, through this online tool, we can consult very comfortably and, in a snap, the sales situation of our rooms and analyze several reports with the click of a mouse.

This will help us to take proper control and price management together to detect opportunities and threats in the market at all times. So, whether it is an independent hotel or part of an average chain of hotels, the RMS is very helpful and, I repeat, necessary for our day. Making use of such software is an investment in the future that will be reflected in the results of our business.

In short, in daily operations we should not forget to study and analyze in detail our history, segmentation, budget, tariffs and sales channels, but above all, we must pay attention to the pace of booking. And the main benefits we receive with the use of an RMS in our hotel are:

Analyze more data quickly and effectively.
Analyze everything, not just the revenue per room.
Synthesize decision making.

Source: Tecnohotel Data

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