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Independent Hotels: Pure Potential

Hoteis Independentes

The supposed weaknesses of independent hotels actually mask extraordinary potential for growth, above all if they have agile, powerful and efficient technology.

Witnessing the relentless arm of independent hotels and OTAs, Paraty Tech is very clear about the potential of independent hotels to tip the balance to their side. In a war with giants, if they have agile, powerful, and efficient technology, they have much to say and win, despite their shortcomings:

- Minimum investment in marketing: budget around 2%.

- Limited distribution: Inventory and reduced human staff assume fewer channels for fear of losing control over booking costs through third parties

- Scarce SEM: Lack of expert staff and distrust are translated into limited use.

- Few emails: Despite their high return capability, of which they are paradoxically aware, and recognize that they do not properly exploit this feature.

- Reduced visibility in metabossa mechanisms: The strong commitment of OTAs in metabossa mechanisms, considered a very lucrative channel for independent hotels, greatly impairs their visibility.

But these alleged weaknesses hide extraordinary potential. With fewer resources, choosing the right technology partner can make them big beneficiaries of full win-win service packages that can get them by investing very little in: web design, revenue management, booking engine and online marketing.

They must bet on an interconnected technological model that responds to their particularities and put an end to your concerns your usual concerns: high cost, complexity of use, reliability of data, etc.

Thus, communication between the channel, the booking engine, a rate shopper and, for example, a price equalizer with real-time OTAs such as Parity Maker will allow you to anticipate your competition and minimize the impact of initiatives against direct sales such as's Early Payment Benefit

Independent hoteliers can integrate their partner into the revenue management team and entrust them with business strategy, free from the constraints imposed by large hotel chains.

Retaining your customer and multiplying your direct bookings, saving time and costs, are realistic goals.

We were born for and for them, although we later adapted to the reality of hotel chains, without losing any effectiveness in this transition process.

From: TecnoHotel

Date: May 2019

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