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Hotel Technology - Four Key Pillars

Hotel Technology - Four Key Pillars

Next-generation PMS, advanced Business Intelligence, Targeted Customization and Artificial Intelligence tools.

There are many technologies surrounding the hotel industry, but in the near future, some will be more prominent.

Hotel technology advances very quickly. So much so that it's hard to keep up with so many innovations. But which are the most important?

Starfleet Research presented the results of a survey of 450 hotel directors, managers and staff to learn what hoteliers are taking into account when facing the technological future of their units.

1. A next generation of PMS

A next-generation PMS can lead to significant cost savings and almost immediate revenue growth.

According to the latest research, the positive impact of a next-generation PMS on hotel operations and customer and staff satisfaction is evident from the first moment.

Optimizing operations across the organization and providing better management controls for greater staff efficiency will devote less time to inefficient activities such as adding data to the system. This efficiency translates into reduced operating costs, including lower maintenance expenses on these technologies.

At the same time, improving guest relationship management translates into greater satisfaction and loyalty.

These improvements will be reflected later in customer satisfaction surveys and your comments on social networks. A fact that will help guests return, attract new ones and ultimately increase RevPAR and profitability. In addition, better data integration will improve revenue management. The ability to automatically sync inventory and rates across all sales channels will also improve revenue results. If this is added to complete data analysis and diagnostic tools to identify market trends or analyze guest behavior success is guaranteed.

2. Advanced Business Intelligence Tools

These tools enable faster access to information as well as its critical understanding. Revenue Managers are leveraging these Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, but not the only ones. Being able to visually explore, prepare and transform all data into performance dashboards and custom reports for users to get the answers they need at a glance. This helps you to make more noble and smarter distribution and pricing decisions.

In fact, the best thing about this new generation of Business Intelligence tools for hotels is their seamless integration with existing revenue platforms. In many ways the two solutions are two sides of the same coin.

Both are required to progressively increase RevPAR through revenue optimization.

Business Intelligence can also report decisions made in other hotel departments. Therefore, these tools bring benefits ranging from improving the effectiveness of marketing, sales and customer service, to generating competitive intelligence.

3. Targeted Personalization

Personalization is the key to enhancing the guest experience. The future success of many hotels and tourist resorts, at least in those where quality of service is a key point in terms of competitive differentiation, will depend directly on how much they understand their guests.

It is important to emphasize that success depends on knowing how act once the guest is known. 89% of hoteliers surveyed in the report agree that targeted customization is giving guests with messaging offers or services that are especially relevant to them, and is one of the most important and effective way to boost customer experience and satisfaction, and ultimately favorable brand loyalty and promotion.

To achieve this customization you have to work with a lot of data. It is the ability to intelligently capture and leverage the multiple information that can be obtained from a customer. This information should include hundreds or even thousands of data points collected from a specific guest's actions, from the hotel booking to after check-out and everything that happens during the stay.

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4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an indispensable component of guest relationship management. While still in the early stages of this technology, AI-enabled devices have proven to be very important to hotels. It is therefore not surprising that in the near future they will have many more responsibilities than today.

For example, it will help answer guests' queries much faster than the staff themselves. In addition, it can respond simultaneously without capacity limitation. These types of devices are cutting guest timeouts very significantly while providing instant access to information and services. Faster response time and reduced time to resolve issues and questions multiplies guest satisfaction.

However small this improvement, it is already worth it. In fact, it has been shown that artificial intelligence drastically reduces the need for human assistance when it comes to answering questions and solving the problems that commonly arise during guests' stay.

Thanks also to machine learning, these intelligent machines are able to learn for themselves. In short, technology is increasingly present in hotels, but it is necessary to choose well to set priorities. Do you know where to start?

Source: TecnoHotel

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