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Do you know how to answer to a negative review?

Sabe como responder review negativa

Review sites like Google, or TripAdvisor, as well as the social networks themselves, are tools that all travelers use when looking for hotels.

In fact, they have become very important when booking, especially since some OTAs like Kayak, which have no reviews, have integrated other platforms, such as or Agoda.

In fact, there is a point where hotel stars are less important than reviews and average score. This makes it possible for small and medium-sized hotels to compete on a par with the large luxury chains. In the end, the customer values ​​technology, comfort and services, but also the customer service, proximity and lived experience and also the reservation and not just the room.
is getting to a point where hotel stars are less important than reviews and average score

But if we find a negative review, what should we do?

José Goméz of gave the following tips on eHotelier:

- Quick answer

Responding quickly shows the guest that channels are controlled, meaning the hotel is concerned about the opinions of its customers. In addition, the sooner we respond, the sooner we will add an explanation or apology to this complaint, which will surely help with other customers.

- Be honest

It may be that criticism is the result of a misunderstanding. Is there information on the web that clarifies all these types of questions that can become complaints? Breakfast, pool, spa, check-in and check-out times… If the problem has to do with the treatment received by an employee of your hotel, apologize if necessary.

Talk to your employee later. If you confirm that the reviews are correct, acknowledge that there is a problem and that you are doing everything you can to solve it. This shows guests that their opinions are important. And always remind your employees about the importance of providing friendly service.

- Thank the critics

If the criticism is confirmed, it is not superfluous to thank the customer for the comment. This, in turn, will encourage this guest to also write down the good things they have experienced at their hotel.

- Offer other incentives

Whenever the complaint is proven to be well founded, we may request personal contact information to send you any rewards via email. It's best not to make it public so as not to incite other guests to leave negative comments if they know they might be rewarded.

That is, follow the steps above to apologize and clarify what happened. Even so, if you really believe the customer has to be compensated in another way, contact him and make him an offer and / or gift.

If we follow all these steps, guests will feel valued and can turn a negative review into a positive one. So don't listen to those who say negative criticism should be ignored. Without a doubt, this is the worst thing you can do.

From: TecnoHotel
Date: May 2019

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