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Artificial intelligence invades the organization of corporate travel

noticia inteligencia artificial

Artificial intelligence applications will control corporate travel within two to three years, enabling greater efficiency in management and greater satisfaction for travelers.

That is at least what experts who participated in the writing of the study "Future trends and forecasts for the travel agency industry" predict. 100 proposals (and more) to anticipate the coming times, a report by Amadeus España and ACAVe, carried out by the research team of the Department of Statistical Economics and Applied Economics of the University of Barcelona, ​​with the collaboration of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation of the University of Barcelona.

According to this document, "general trends for travel agencies (importance of traveler safety, increased use of mobile applications, demand for services 24h / 365 days ...), serve mainly for specialized corporate travel channels." However, the document identifies a series of characteristics specific to the "corporate" sphere. In this way, there will be an increase in the relevance of the planning of the trips, counting from the pre-trip to the return of the traveler, along with the calculation of the "cost end to end". Likewise, streamlining the management of travel programs will grow in importance.

Similarly, the 'travel manager' (TM) will tend to prioritize travelers' behavior and compliance with 'compliance' policies and travel agencies will revalue their full counseling role and collaborate more with TM in politics of travel and cost control, according to the survey report.

Other trends for the next five years

An increase in 'bleisure' (a combination of leisure and business) is anticipated, which will increase as millennials make more corporate travel.

There will be a growing importance of corporate RRSS to share knowledge among employees and optimize internal communication; there will be more use of smart instant messaging.

For the optimization of costs, the digital tools, the anticipation of purchase, the use of corporate rates and online reservations will be increasingly used.

There will be greater use of payment alternatives, with the use, for example, of virtual cards or the use of bitcoin. It is also expected a greater use of digital biometrics. New protocols will be incorporated to ensure transaction security.

According to the study, the generalization of mobility technology solutions will force companies to provide their employees with means to facilitate their travel, with more flexibility and responsiveness.

In this sense, travelers with corporate motivation will need integrated access to increasingly local content (taxis, restaurants, complementary airline services, collaborative economy...). 

Online tools - according to the report - will continue to be a key point of service delivery for this segment; the user experience will be enhanced, allowing for greater personalization and flexibility.

Technological suppliers, on the other hand, will look for new formulas to unify the approval processes, reservations management, mobility solutions, expense processing and reporting systems in single platforms.

Predictably, there will be a greater application of state-of-the-art automated booking tools to facilitate the management of the corporate travel cycle for Travel Managers (before, during and after travel, control and cost adjustment).

Virtual assistants, machine learning and blockchain

It is likely that in the medium term (five / six years) voice commands and smart chatbots have been incorporated, although their integration is only for the more routine tasks; more complex content will require more programming.

Está Learning through the machine is in the embryonic stage and we will have to wait a few more years to make it a reality. Progressive incorporation of the blockchain is planned.

Source: TecnoHotel Spain
TecnoHotel | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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